Christopher Allen Toth

Here you will find a showcase of my skills and talents as a game designer and developer. Browse my portfolio and let's collaborate on a project!

Mask of Morieris


Terminus Station

Survival Tower Defense FPS
Small team turned solo project about surviving in an abandoned train/subway station against an alien infection
• 3 enemy types offering different threats and requiring different approaches
• 4 distinctly balanced weapons with unique strengths and uses, with a core focus on each providing their own satisfying gameplay feeling
• 3 defense types delivering visually impressive and varied assistance
• An in-level progression system using defensive decision-making while pushing the player forward from safety
• A practical balance approach that offers the player increasing choices with structured defensive placements, but keeping with the scope limitations of solo development
• Ongoing development expanding gameplay options alongside narrativeenhanced progression involving a helpful yet suspicious AI

Space Thing

Scrolling Arcade Space Shooter
• A retro arcade-styled vertical scrolling shooter designed to be played in a browser
• Includes multiple weapon fire modes and powerups, enemies, obstacles and a scripted boss fight.

Dragon Thing

Third-Person Rail Shooter
• An on-the-rails shooter controlling a dragon flying through a river canyon
• Features a unique targeting/movement system that offers simplified, versatile controls without complicated input

About Me

I'm a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in game design, with a bachelor's in game software development. Alongside my studies, I'm seeking professional opportunities with a challenging environment where I can grow and specialize my skillset. Alongside my technical skills and education, I have extensive experience with collaboration, teamwork and leadership from my prior career.

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